A Bit of a Wood Shortage

Our normal supplier of commercial wood is charging twice what they did last year for a palette of stove ready firewood. They have not completely updated their web site. It says prices from € 300 on the front page. But when you click through it says € 660 TTC.

The more local log supplier will only deliver in quanta of 6 stères. That is a shit load of wood. He can’t deliver until the first of February.

The wife has been ringing around trying to get other quotes. Business is open. So far, no call backs.

It seems that what with the price of gas everyone is sparking up their log burner. Because of supply and demand the oven ready logs have rocketed in price. We probably have not got quite enough dried wood to see us through to April.

If it is like this now, what is going to like next year.

Seems to me number one garden priority has shifted to wood harvest. Our stuff from two winters ago burns lovely.  If I cut the logs to 15cm they should dry better.

I could go over the fence. There are a number of fallen trees there which should be at least part dried. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. I could cut some sections and see if they burn baby burn like a disco inferno.

There are a couple of widow makers around the pond, maybe I might start with those…

“Mad scientist last seen disappearing into the forest with his chainsaw.”

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