On-Shoring and Past Life Recall

I bet ASML are very happy with the drive to on-shore or homeland produce high end chips. It means more customers. Japan is aiming to emulate TSMC by 2027. Thanks perhaps to Putin the world is shifting from a component price orientation to a reliability of supplier and security of supply chain one. This means our gadgets will cost more, but we can be sure to be able to buy them.

“Chip machine maker ASML will grow into a $500 billion business next year, tech investors predict.”

Militarily Taiwan and South Korea are proximal to China. The Korean peninsula is attached to China. TSMC and Samsung are within ready military striking distance. Fabs do not mix very well with high explosives and dust. They cannot be rebuilt easily. There is a strategic vulnerability.

There appears to be something of a scramble to on-shore. How much spare capacity there is at the semiconductor production equipment manufacturers is a moot point.

Quite why I was having the EUV dream this morning remains a mystery.

In a previous life, when I was based in London, I designed two different EUV source prototypes. Both worked.

There appears to be a market for research grade 10-20 Watt EUV machines. I could probably knock up a design for one of these quite quickly. I have some “past life” recall.

Weird how life turns out…

I might even be able to get VC funding to do this…multiple kilowatt Yb fibre lasers are now available…

I just got a shiver down my back…

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