Indoors Chores and 125kg of Propane

The temperature outside now is a whopping 5˚C and it has been raining on and off since 6 AM. We are due in excess of 30mm in the next 24 hours and will be basking in 12 degree heat soon.

There is no chance of any gardening so my minging gardening combats are soaking ready for a wash with my pungent t-shirts. There is a small gap in the rain and shortly I will chop the wood for tonight.

I’ll do some of the floors with the groovy French designed mop and set up my world famous chilli ginger mango and melon pig in a pot to stick in the oven whilst the world cup final is on.

During the cold spell we used about 10% of a tank of propane which equates to ~125kg or ~2840mol giving out 6,3 gigajoules. That sounds like a lot of energy.

We made ~ 8500mol of carbon dioxide or 375kg of greenhouse gas. That sound like a lot!! That is nearly 4 Alan’s worth of mass…

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