Le héron garde-bœufs, a bird in the log burner and lottery winners…

The other day whilst circumambulating I got to pampas corner and I could hear quite a commotion in there. As I passed a large white bird with a sharp orange-yellow beak emerged. I put some distance between us so as not to scare it. I have just been looking at images and Le héron garde-bœufs in winter plumage fits the bill, excuse the pun. They are known to be at Nantes which is not too far south. This is the third heron to visit only this one east insects and frogs not fish. We have toads in the pampas as well as a salamander. A new visitor….

The coypu is still leaving us frozen turds…

When I went to clear out the log burner this morning. I saw a tiny, miniscule bird in there. It looked at me and climbed back up into the chimney. After a while I thought it had escaped. I started cleaning out the fire. I could hear scratching noises so there is no way to light the fire unless the birdy gets out. Once I had finished, I left the log burner door open. We went quiet, the bird came out and as we were pulling back the curtains to open the sliding doors, it flew off to the bike bedroom upstairs. Perfect I could lock it in and open the window there. We had lunch and I went back to check. When I opened the bedroom door it saw me and promptly flew out. It survived and escaped I know for sure. There is no roasted bird smell coming from the log burner now.

All my last four lottery tickets have been winners. They each have won between 2 and 5 euros. The nett loss is only ~one euro.  I am on a streak! At this point in time some extra free cash would be most welcome and we could buy one of the multi-million euro properties from the previous post if the win was big enough.

If I keep paying the “idiot tax” I might win…

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