Walther P38 Being Shot at Dream 16-12-22

This dream has someone I haven’t spoken to for a very long time in it. He has a short fuse and was prone to fits of temper. He used to try to brow beat people when things were not going his way. The wife says I was wriggling about in bed whilst having it.

I am on the top open deck of a red London tourist bus. There is an external staircase. I am alone on the top deck. My intuition tells me someone is coming up the stairs to get me. It is Z. I get to him on the stairs as he is pulling a Walther P38 pistol out of his jacket. The pistol was very clear. I grab the arm with the pistol and point it upwards. The weapon discharges. Z then tries to bring the weapon to bear several more times. I sweep his feet and we tumble down the staircase and off the stationery bus. The gun goes off several more times and then the magazine clicks empty. I disarm him and throw the gun away.

I walk off into the distance.

He picks up the gun and changes the magazine. He starts shooting at me again. I hide behind a concrete lamppost. Because he is so angry, he is a lousy shot and he empties the magazine without hitting me.

Dream ends  

Second dream.

I am in a sandstone room a part of an Egyptian temple, my temple where I work. Z arrives. He is absolutely fuming and very angry. I say to him that he is fuming and angry it is easy for anyone to see. He fades away.

There are two metal electrodes in the room. I bring them closer together until there is a very large electrical discharge which makes a huge bang. I know this to be intent and liberation through the power of intent.

Dream ends.

As a protection I chant the mantra for Vajrapani and visualize him in full wrathful manifestation. It is a 16 day. 16 is the jewel for liberation through the power of intent and the tarot card La Maison Dieu.

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