The Sword Taia – Cutting Through the Crap

In the previous post I have quoted two pieces which had and have profound and sustained impact on me. I have dabbled in Japanese martial arts on and off. I was never really interested in getting a black belt, but I am a sponge. I did train for a while with a Japanese trained expert, perhaps the last of his kind, and what I gained from him was more than physical it was a contact to the Budo lineages reaching back and the impeccability thereof.

If I may be so bold.

There are vast swathes of crap in modern social interaction and in the ME, ME self-advancement psychodrama. People are drowning in it. I have just seen an advert for a non-binary ginger biscuit! But it is still insensitive to the trigger word ginger, a persecuted minority. Why cannot it be orange-brown instead of the discriminative, finger pointing, ginger?  We need to reframe this as a non-binary orange-brown biscuit.

Foxtrot, foxtrot, Sierra.

Careful with the word orange, especially in Ireland.

Seems to me, that there is some shenanigans / political / reputational crap going on in West London and it pertains to “how to manage Alan”.

By all means have your chinwags, your discussions and if you want to try to throw in a seemingly non-aligned head of department from Strand Poly, I will counsel against. Get a girl to do a man job…nice idea…

Speaks volumes…

We are going to watch the new Twin Peaks tonight…

There are now 21 {peace and success} traps out for the piss taking mole…

And on Sunday we have a southerly with 80 km/h gusts forecast.

At last, the wind is changing…

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