My Weird Email Inbox

I have a pretty eclectic set of emails today. Here is a sample:


European Quantum Flagship

Post-quantum cryptography

France sends first post-quantum encrypted diplomatic message

                On 30 November 2022, France transmitted a ‘quantum-safe’ diplomatic message for the very first time, sent to Paris from its embassy in Washington. The post-quantum encryption – securing the message against decryption even by quantum computers – drew on work by CryptoNext Security, a spin-off of INRIA, CNRS and Sorbonne University. The actual content of the communiqué was a Memorandum of Understanding signed by France and the US that day, aimed at supporting quantum cooperation projects between the two countries.


News From The Loop!

So, what’s been going on? We can hardly keep up, here’s just some of the main highlights…

We achieved charity status!

The Loop is now officially a charity, having operated for the past 10 years as a Community Interest Company (CIC). The Loop Drug Checking Service will continue to operate under the original name.

It is fantastic that the Charity Commission has recognised and agreed that drug checking in the UK is a legitimate charitable activity, a true moment in history that will provide greater opportunities to expand and develop funding sources for our leading work. We will continue to work collaboratively with different partners across the country and look forward to what the future will bring under charity status.


Myeloma Matters

Dear Alan,

The Autumn/Winter edition of Myeloma Matters is ready for you to read!

This issue is a special 25th anniversary edition marking 25 years of Myeloma UK. Featuring a timeline of milestones and articles from the myeloma community.

You can download Myeloma Matters on our website or copy and paste the following into your browser:

All the best,


Pip McFadden

Services Administrator


Dear Brouwlander,

We would like to extend heartfelt end-of-year good wishes to you, with delicious, honest crafts under the Christmas tree, on your table and in your glass. How do you fancy taking advantage of a cool gift voucher, a Kingdom Christmas beer kit or a uKeg? Tip: put your own favourites on your Christmas list to give your loved one(s) a hint.

Need some inspiration?

Then take a look on our gift page.

Your package under the Christmas tree in time

It goes without saying that you want to receive your carefully selected gifts in time. Therefore, take the following into account for online parcel orders:

Do you want to receive your order before Christmas? Then order before midnight on 18 December.

Do you want to receive your order before New Year? Then order before midnight on 23 December.

If you are a last minute shopper, you can always pay us a visit at the shop in Beverlo. Keep in mind that the store closes at 5:00 PM on the 16th of December, and at 4:00 PM on the 24th and 31st of December.

We hope you and your family enjoy the holiday period!

 Brouwland Team

Times Higher Education

Good morning,

Protest comes in many forms, but our lead story today involves a few you might not have heard of before – as we look at the ways Chinese students have expressed their frustration with the country’s strict zero-Covid policy. Elsewhere, Harvard University names its first black president, we have news of the Westminster government’s latest in its battle with the House of Lords over freedom of speech, and hear how a groundbreaking AI system might impact academic writing, for good and for bad.

 – Patrick Jack, reporter


The Chinese government’s recent 180 decision to end its zero-Covid policy came as a shock to many around the world, and the relief of many students within the country. This U-turn came after dozens of campuses took to the streets to demand the end of the harsh pandemic measures imposed by Beijing, and months of slightly less obvious forms of protesting. In recent months, footage has circulated online of Chinese students crawling slowly in circles, making cardboard dogs and writing nonsensical literature. Academics, including Ed Vickers, a researcher in the contemporary history of education in Chinese societies at Kyushu University, say these strange acts are a way of voicing boredom at a never-ending lockdown but are also a form of depoliticised protest. “While a few brave souls may chant for Xi Jinping to step down at the risk of arrest and incarceration, more will try to find ways of expressing dissatisfaction without directly challenging the regime and thus triggering draconian sanctions,” he says.

Military 1st

Alan Taylor,

Thank you for your order from Military 1st. You can check the status of your order by logging into your account. If you have questions about your order, you can email us at

Your delivery confirmation is below. Thank you again for your business.

Delivered By       Tracking Number

MetaPack            XXXX

The status will be updated once the parcel is received by the courier.

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