Hibernating Hippies and Rain

It is not uncommon for a hippie who has smoked a lot of weed to laze around in bed until the afternoon. I used to be an early riser. Four hours of sleep a night was once “normal” for me, when I was overdoing it.

When I was a “teenager” metaphorically speaking, I could sometimes get to lunchtime. Perhaps Franklin has the answer to the cost of living crisis.

This morning when I opened the shutters in the top kitchen it was 10:45 AM. We had pulled nigh on a twelve hour hibernation. This is for both of us something of a record.

Overnight by the cat bowl method we had ~2cm of rain and it has been raining all day, on and off. The pond is full, Le Jaudy is flowing fast and high-ish.

It is still raining, the promised snow has yet to materialise…

I have just watched live on TV a British judge sentence someone to a minimum term in prison of 38 years for a brutal head stamping rape / murder. Wow.

That makes all the courtroom drama movies look mundane and amateurish.

I never thought that I would see such as this…

What a weird day…

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