We Might Get Stranded for a Bit

The temperature is starting to drop and my guess is that it is going to get a lot colder here than predicted. We are due freezing rain and/or snow. I have about 35kg of salt left and my X-ray appointment is Thursday afternoon.

If the snow sets on the drive it is a whole morning slog to clear it. A tractor has gone past salting the departmental road. So, the locals are taking extra precautions. They know.

Weather in Brittany can be very changeable. As stuff comes in from the Atlantic it can swing north to the UK or come full on.

We have supplies in the freezer and in the cellar. There are logs and a log burner. There is a pyromaniac ex-chemist in the house, so that bodes well.

When we were at Monty’s near Farnham, most winters, we would get a knock at the door from someone stuck in the snow. Or who had fell off their mountain bike on the ice. We would give them shelter while the ambulance came if injured. For those stuck in the snow the farm manager and I would dig them out and he would pull them out with a tractor. There was once a dude who had driven into the snow wearing deck shoes and without any sensible cold weather clothing!! Those who deliver parcels for Amazon may not always be the most luminous sparks in the cosmos…

There was a no gradients few turns safe way out of the lanes. There was also a dangerous bendy way.

One year a posh bird in a Volvo 4×4 slid off the road. She was not using the four wheel drive. She could easily have rolled the car down the hill. I had been trying to get to a tutorial but decided it was too dicey. I left the 206 by the side of the road and went to help the stranded posh bird. I put her and her two kids in the engine running 206 while we tried to get her back on track. A farmer with a JCB hauled her heavy car onto the road and ushered them towards the low gradient route out. She would not be able to take her little darlings to class after all.

A passing toff in a Range Rover gave me a lift home across the fields, he did not want to risk the road.

Then there was the Polish bloke whose car would not start. I had to give him a lift into town to pick up a fresh battery.

Situated where we are now, on a gradient, on a bend, near a river with high air humidity, on a freezing night, it is possible we may be getting a ring of the doorbell tonight or tomorrow…

Who knows…

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