Salt and COPD

I am mildly apprehensive about the drive tomorrow morning. I will be leaving a little after dawn and the drive is steep. We are far west and CET is not appropriate. The drive has had ~15kg of salt this afternoon. In general, we do not drive after dark. If I can make it out of the drive, I should be able to get to the pneumologist in town. For a small private practice, she has a lot of kit and she is very easy to understand. The last time I was there she did pin prick allergy tests. I had not had any of these done since I was 12. Although asthmatic I used run 1500m for the school. My ability to run was enhanced by all the punishment “rounds” I was given for behaviour “black marks”. There were two of us. He was slightly faster than me and his twin ran the 800m, I was slightly faster than him at 1500. They were peas in a pod, but I knew who was who. We usually beat the other runners because we trained hard. I ran barefoot and he used spikes. Southern hemisphere youth back then did not necessitate shoes.

They are going to test for COPD {chronic obstructive pulmonary disease}. For anyone who has smoked they always check for this. Last April I had a bout of covid 19. Prior to that my chest had been good since stopping smoking. Covid was not kind to my lungs. I had elephant sized doses of steroids and three lots of antibiotics post covid.  Since then, it has never been the same. I take a steroid inhaler every morning as per usual and then have to wait about an hour. I cough for ten minutes and then we are good to go. In times of covid doing a noisy productive cough behind a surgical mask in a supermarket will give people the heebie-jeebies.

My life can be measured in purple and blue inhalers. When the purple one stops working a month has passed.

Better check some vocabulary for tomorrow.

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