Sawdust in the Sunshine

In principle it is forbidden by the prefecture to do noisy gardening work on a Sunday afternoon. Our nearest neighbour is over a hundred metres away and the battery operated chainsaw is quiet. No ear protection is needed. So, I bent the rules a little. I have been sizing the logs I harvested over the past two days. They are now stacked in the central shed. That gets scorchio in summer. Another two sessions and I will have to start another “line” of logs. There is a lot of pine over by Les Soldats, which looks to be next on the harvest list. Then there is an apple tree and a lot of hazel and beech. Then maybe a trim for the oaks by Le Jaudy.

It was quite fun working in the winter sunshine, generating a big pile of saw dust. It gets everywhere. Now that I am using safety spectacles my eyes are feeling better, less dust. I enjoy stacking wood, it is very satisfying

For some reason I am getting the phrase “how did that happen” drifting into consciousness together with visual images of Mr & Mrs Sunak and Mr & Mrs Johnson. I am also getting visuals of several big cheese Professors from Imperial College as if there is some kind of conflab.

Bizarre city Bretagne.

I am going to try some Cape Malay cooking for tea. I am going to do a pork curry with mango, coconut and sultanas. Mango is an excellent ingredient in curries and one pot dishes. This is because it contains a tenderising enzyme. We bought a fresh coconut and I am going to test the coconut milk. If it is good, I’ll make a ground almond and coconut milk sauce. I used to use a lot of ground nuts to thicken sauces way back in the last century when I was a vegan, in the days before “hipsters” and skinny lattes. It was a good way of keeping the protein levels up.

Off to find a spike and a hammer…

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