Utter Balderdash and Six Sigma

The previous post outlines “magic” in a sense and there are many who would consider such notions utter balderdash, made up shit and ergo bollocks. Your average Tom, John, Ian and David the Marks and Spencer jumper and chino wearing scientist might scoff at such “primitive” superstitious notions.

To imagine direct knowing at a distance would be a step too far.

There is a mindset that needs six sigma proof before it can even countenance such far-fetched ideas. We must be able to measure it with electromagnetism based instrumentation.

I have knocked around some martial arts dojos and some of the things that can happen in the best of these beggar belief. Thus, I am a tad more open minded. I am pretty sure that I have “memories” of previous lives.

I am allowed to say that now as an eccentric retired person.

I do not mind if people think I am bat shit crazy.

I will postulate that anyone who swings between the two poles of utter balderdash and six sigma proof is prone to holding extreme and dogmatic points of view.

On the one hand we have unicorns and telepaths. On the other we have the Higgs Boson, blessed be its name.

What lies between these two extremes?

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