Patent I Ching Consultation

These poems are written by Jay Ramsay and are from:

“I Ching The Shamanic Oracle of Change”

by Palmer, Ramsay and Xiaomin

In the mid-late nineties I attended an I Ching course given by Ramsay at Hawkwood House. I went to prep school in Stonehouse only a couple of miles from Stroud, where the course was held. So I got to visit old haunts too.

I was the only male on the course and possibly the youngest by a decade.

I was the only scientist and laser jock!!

Please comment on what to do with my patent application.


24. Fu / Return (The Turning Point)



Changing to


36. Ming I / Darkening of the light



As usual the I Ching is open to interpretation. These poems by Jay are very him, very left sided. He took us to the pub in Slad nearby where Laurie Lee who wrote “Cider With Rosie” used to go.

I had been using the I Ching on and off for about five years at the time. It has played a part in many of my decisions even when I was an academic.

Taken together there is a no rush – dao -attitude. I have until the 9th of January to reply.

Sometimes the I Ching answers a question which was not explicitly asked and there is a part in Fu which relates to something else I have been considering. This is to pick up chanting again. It is good for my chest.

I have been waking in the middle of the night and doing raja yoga whilst lying under the duvet.I have not done this for a while.

Past experience has suggested that attempts to link back to the techno-sphere have not ended well.

In the previous post when the hexagram changed to Ming I, this line stood out.

“here a man of dark nature is in a position of authority and brings harm to the wise and able man.”

The thing about the I Ching is that it is a snapshot of now. In a few days time the snapshot may change. Ask too often and the I Ching tells you to piss off.

It was a bit spooky to get the hexagram assoicated with the winter solstice, due in ten days.

So I will ask again after the solstice and maybe write to the IPO while stuffed full of Brussels sprouts…

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