Kūkai – Jūjū shinron

Esoteric or Vajrayana buddhism…Japanese style…

Ten levels of awakening:

This is excerpted from Kūkai – Major Works by Hakeda


The First Stage: The Mind of Lowly Man, Goatish in Its Desires.

The Second Stage: The Mind That Is Ignorant and Childlike, Yet Abstemious.

The Third Stage: The Mind That Is Infant Like and Fearless.

The Fourth Stage: The Mind That Recognizes the Existence of Psychophysical Constituents Only, Not That of a Permanent Ego.

The Fifth Stage: The Mind Freed from the Seed of the Cause of Karma

The Sixth Stage: The Mahayana Mind with Sympathetic Concern for Others.

The Seventh Stage: The Mind That Realizes that the Mind is Unborn.

The Eighth Stage: The Mind That Is Truly in Harmony with the One Way.

The Ninth Stage: The Profoundest Exoteric Buddhist Mind That Is Aware of Its Non-immutable Nature.

The Tenth Stage: The Glorious Mind, the Most Secret and Sacred.

When the medicines of Exoteric Buddhism have cleared away the dust, Shingon opens the Treasury. Then the secret treasures are at once manifested and one realizes all values.

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