Haematology, Four New Traps and a Buzzcut

This afternoon the wife went for her 3 month haematologist follow up. He seemed pleased with the test results and glad to see her looking so much better. She has hair now and is moving around reasonably freely. He has reduced her daily intake of antibiotics and now she will rattle a little less. A phase three clinical trial has not long reported on a monoclonal antibody which can help counter bone loss in Myeloma. It performs as well as the large intravenous transfusion she is currently on. Her veins could use a bit of a break. This antibody is delivered subcutaneously but is also costly. He is checking if it is OK to switch.

On the way back we stopped at our local farm store. Both of us were dressed in different camouflage trousers. I picked up four of my favourite mole traps. At the checkout the lady said “poor little beasts” in French obvs. Twenty minutes before I was talking about phase three clinical trials and now buying mole traps. I wonder if the lady at the till had any idea what we did before. Probably not…

Anyway there is even more mole sign. There are already 11 traps set on the living room lawn. Tomorrow there will be another six, perhaps. I’ll get the little blighter(s) and we should then be good until May.

The wife has just done a #2 clippers (7mm) buzzcut all over. Dressed in combats I look like an ageing squaddie. If I wore robes I would look like a monk. In any case I now have significantly less head hair than the wife and it will be baseball caps for the next week of cold spell.

Life is weird…

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