Karmic Mess and Consequences

“Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.” Was a phrase said by Ollie in Laurel and Hardy. I watched many of these films with my grandfather in the “top kitchen” in the Rhondda. There I also learned how to do accumulators, to watch the horses and the ITV wrestling. On occasion I was sent round to the unofficial bookie with a bet and some cash.

British politics has of late reminded me of these shows. It lurches from one crisis to another and nobody wants to mention what Brexit has done to the cost of living and US-UK relations because of Northern Ireland. Buffoons with “great” ideas and “cunning plans” can wreak havoc unfortunately without any comedic effect.

Because of time’s arrow many karmic causes are irreversible. They simply have to effect until the causal force is spent. Because of dependent origination one dodgy deal, one attempt at getting away with it, can bifurcate and grow considerably. Boys will be boys and they can egg each other.

It seems that my transformation from city boy to feral hermit is near complete. It is no surprise to me that we attract quaisi-feral stray cats.

I have not spoken in person or on the telephone with any of my former colleagues for ~ 14 years. I am not sure that I even speak the same language anymore. I am certainly not interested in the things that they are probably interested in. My life is gardening, shopping, DIY and walkies now.

We recently watched a programme in which Louis Theroux interviewed Rita Ora. A part of it took place in the Queens Arms in Kilburn. I once worked there. It was lively and I had good craic with the customers. I used to escort the landlord to the night safe with the evening’s takings in cash, yes cash, and then catch a tube home. Back then I was fit and strong playing social rugby at London Welsh. I noted that Rita has a tattoo of Otz Chiim, the kabbalistic tree of life, on her back. I am not sure that is a good idea. It seems a long way away but I recognised the pub instantly.

I once worked in Rita Ora’s dad’s pub, a new claim to fame.

I the “genie” am out of the societal bottle and cannot now be put back in.

People who like to take shortcuts and try to wing it rarely think karmically. The notion of con-sequence remains unexplored and not considered. Trying to blag it can make it worse. Look what Boris tried to do. Looking at his life it seems very messy karmically to me. There are others who are even more messy, Katie Price looks to be a bit of a car crash. She got a karmic warning early on but has not listened.

Not so long ago, someone who had not encountered the warrior’s path, started doing some meddling. I warned him that he was perhaps getting into something he was unaware of. He did not listen and it did not work out so well. People always know best. If you have read Castaneda’s books there are some pretty rum things that went on, way out of the comfort zone for your common or garden human.

I have developed a theory that trying to be cunning and “clever” is Karmically unwise.

It all hinges on one question, the crux.

Do you think that you can outwit and outrun karma?  

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