Give me the data…

One of the many good things in France about the medical system is direct and personal access to your own data. We have results back from a test that show a bacterial infection, which I downloaded.  They grow a culture and then test it with various antibiotics. This named beastie is resistant to some but not others. This kind of information is “secret” in the UK. It seems so sensible to let the patient know what is going on and not keep it all nanny knows best hush hush…

The theme of personal responsibility is more prevalent here too.

Yesterday evening a man came and fixed our leaky chimney. I had to do a double take, if I had a beard, we could have been twinnies. They have found that the transparent flue sealant is subject to ultraviolet degradation. This diagnosis was consistent with the nature of our leak. He placed some other hard core sealant on and next time it rains heavily we will know if it has done the job. I suspect that it has.

There is a little joke we have, when I was planning to incarnate, I was aiming for Bhutan but I saw the Welsh flag and ended up in Cardiff instead.

One of the things I enjoy doing is arranging bits of “evidence” for a hypothesis and then forgetting all about it even constructing a 180 degrees hypothesis…

People often don’t like the difference between sound & ought and just is. They can try to force the is towards what they believe things sound & ought to be.

I am psyching myself up to put my cold gardening clothes on for another session of wood harvesting…it is cold outside…

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