Is Your Religion the Best?

Around the world many people have religious beliefs. It is not uncommon for people having such beliefs to believe that they have the best religion and because of that they are right, everybody else is wrong. The profane do not get heaven, bliss or nirvana.

From within one’s own religion it does not make sense to explore what the others have to say.

Why not?

Apostasy is illegal in some countries. To explore other ways of thinking might lead to the thin end of the wedge of apostasy. The churches need revenue streams, so they wish to discourage loss of followers. You must believe only in me, is a tad cult like.

If one takes a detached view, it is fairly clear that dodgy human interpersonal dynamics and “faith” have a kind of unwholesome interplay. The purveyor of religion holds some kind of power over his or her customers. The analogy of the priest to the Instagram influencer is not so very far-fetched. People in religions can say one thing and then do something heinous which is contrary to the ethos which they profess to others.

Luckily, I never wrote to Jim will fix it.

I think it fair to say that I have a good grasp of modern scientific thought. It is the science, the knowledge of how matter and energy work. I also have studied esoterica, perhaps more extensively than most. In that study I have brought to bear critical thinking. I am not a big fan of conclusions; I am a fan of exploration. I have an open mind and I do not believe I am kidding myself in this.

I have joked that I am/was an initiate of a certain degree with the church of reason, science academia. They call it senior lecturer or associate professor. This means that I was a second degree initiate in that schema. It was my experience that many in that church were quite scathing about tree huggers and wishy washy new agers. They scoffed. Self-awareness was not all that well developed. Tunnel vision and confirmation bias was. There was a lot of braggadocio and posturing. Arrogance was not absent, I understate.

I have not decided that its teachings are wrong. I understand better to what they apply. I have an infrared thermometer which I use to test the log burner before I put my hands in it to clean it out. I have a voltmeter to measure when a Duracell battery needs changing. I understand how to use gravitational potential to help solve problems.


Is your religion the best?

Are all the others wrong?

Are you prone to soapbox your omniscient views?

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