Threads in the Web of Life

Over the last few days, I have been getting a notion that something big is going down in London. Today I had a waft of tropical breeze from Puerto Rico. Hola… :

I really once did mingle with people who were then big in UK science and some who went on to become big in UK science “For he /she /it is a jolly good fellow, etc.”

If you are the only person in the world that thinks things are significant does that make you wrong or simply ahead of the game when it comes to smelling the coffee?

Ça dépend

In a rather circuitous way, I have been sketching a whole bunch of stuff out in this blog, fully cognisant that there may be some reading this who are not on the “followers” list and may be getting updates which do not show as “reads”. Sane people use the internet without resorting to secret squirrels. I have a VPN only for the rugby on Amazon, the subscription runs out on 5th of December.

As someone who was once stalking me a little told me, I might be underestimating what can be achieved with search engines and RSS feeds. Thanks, noted.

I am pretty sure that people like to look in Pandora’s box.

Control junkies like to monitor stuff, even the stuff written by an old fart in the Breton countryside.

But you can create for yourself an impossible situation… If you want to do something about what you read in Pandora’s box you have to admit at one level that you have been looking into Pandora’s box. Pandora may not be happy that you have been voyeuristically looking up/in her box.

In your opinion would it be significant if a former Associate Professor in Chemical Physics had notions and indications of his seven (or more) previous lifetimes. One of which was as a named disciple of Siddhartha Gautama.

Or is this just a shaggy dog story written by a bored loony tune?

Ça depend

В огоро́де бузина́, а в Ки́еве дя́дька.    

Elder-berry is in the kitchen-garden, and the uncle is in Kiev.

В темноте все кошки серы.        All cats are grey in the dark.

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