Respecting Others

I think if fair to speculate that I have had amongst the most comprehensive and varied sets of passive nocturnal dreams in our times.  In the Toltec Teachings people are either stalkers or dreamers by predilection. This roughly maps onto extroversion introversion. I have a predilection for dreaming. You might say that I am a dreamer but I am not the only one. I have also dreamed up many things including personal and team development courses, decision courses and a big business plan.

I did for ~ eight years do active dreaming everyday sometimes several times. I got so that I could do this on the crowded Victoria line.

My passive dreaming suggests that I am a fully severed philosophical three pronged nagal being of the elephant, second ray, dreaming class. I also used to be a “kosher” scientist with over 60 published papers in the physical sciences literature. I’ll speculate that these along with the INFJ MBTI personality makes be quite rare. My dreams suggest that I am also a Toltec or man of knowledge, possibly amongst the last.

A while back a nurse was a little short with me, so I took her a write up about Imperial College in French for her to read. She listens to me a little more now.

It is possible that people have scoffed about me, gossiped about me and made fun of me.

We are effectively Brexit refugees. All the boring hot air about Brexit was a key factor in deciding to leave England. And guess what the palaver concerning Brexit still goes on.

Over the years many people have not shown me much if any respect. A couple came close to getting a Judo choke hold, much closer than they could ever have imagined. It is my favourite piece of groundwork. My face does not reveal if I do not want it to.

The chest nurse once gave me a twenty minute lecture including plastic lung pieces about smoking. The dead pan face in front of her did not stop her. I am not an idiot. I have looked at data. I did not ooh and aah in the right places.

Many people have told me what I am and been adamant as to the extent of their knowledge and wisdom. People it seems cannot resist teaching me. I must be in such dire need of education.

Ridicule is nothing to be scared of
Don’t you ever, don’t you ever
Stop being dandy

Adam and the Ants

I am not keen on arguing. If people want to assert their truths, I respect their right to hold erroneous views. It is not my job to correct them unless I am being paid.

I have joked on and off in the blog about self-diagnosed omniscience and it is my opinion that this is near pandemic. People soapbox without checking the level of their ignorance or the facts. Even “intelligent” people do this and in them it is more of a shame, they might know better.

My dreams suggest that I have had more than one Egyptian life and hint at me having been coming in an out of incarnation over a period of ~5000 years {Imhotep reference}.


Have you treated me with respect?

Have you dissed me?

What are the karmic implications?

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