Remote Controlled Dolphins Dream 27-6-2013 – Leuven

This is a part of the weird Leuven trip. We took the Eurostar from near Dartford to Brussels and picked up a hire car from Avis at the central station. The guy tried to rent us a satellite navigation system, he was mighty confused when I said, no. I had not driven in heavy city traffic for a long while. We made it out of Brussels and arrived in Leuven. We then went round and round the one way system trying to find the underground carpark of the hotel. It is a pretty small one way system and nevertheless we had great trouble finding our way into the hotel.

The start of this dream was extremely vivid.

We are staying in a lakeside residence which is up on stilts. At night-time and out of the window I can see some “dolphins” in the moonlight. I call for the wife to come and have a look. She comes over to observe.

The dolphins are in fact made of fluorescent plastic and are remote controlled. They are being driven by our next door neighbour R for his daughter.

I go to explore further and go out to the boatshed on the lake. We have been swimming in the lake. I am a little nervous about swimming across the lake because of the crocodiles. R is there too and we are collecting bits and pieces. I lock up after him. He comes through the back door and we lock up again.

I ask for a lift back across the lake. We sit of a blue plastic boat ski. There is a small motor and it is great fun. “How much do they cost?”, I ask. “£10”, he replies. I say we must get one of these.

Back in the house I open the windows on the veranda which is suspended on poles into the hillside.

There is a strange smell. I wonder if I can pump it through the house. I open the large roughing valve on the pump and it starts to draw fresh air into the house.

I turn off the pump.

I am adjusting something in the house and all of a sudden, the part of the house which is supported on the poles falls away down the hillside. I show this to the wife and we both stand there at the edge of the house. I move around a bit and hold onto a wooden partition. I have my mobile ‘phone in one hand. The wall breaks away and I fall with it down the mountainside. The wife watches in horror assuming I will die. I roll down the hillside and land at the bottom. I am covered in cuts and bruises. But not broken. I make my way up to the house. The wife is worried about something.  I reassure her and say that we must tell R about the house. I try to start up my ‘phone but it only shows red numbers and then ceases to work completely. I will have to tell him in person.

I go up the hill and climb over the brick wall to R’s house. In doing so I get snagged in some barbed wire. That is all I need now, I think. I start to extract myself rom the barbed wire. A woman comes along and offers to help. She starts to unpick me.

Now the wife and I are talking with R. He is very clear that the damage to the house is not our fault. I say that all our belongings are open to be damaged or stolen. He says that we should make a full inventory of everything. We start doing this.

Dream ends

We had prearranged to see some properties in and around Leuven and were contemplating moving there.

On the 29th of June we drove back to Brussels allowing plenty of time in case there was traffic to find Avis at the central station. I had memorised a part of the skyline to help us. We took a small turn almost by accident and bam, there we were right next to the central station. It was as if the universe had picked us up and said time to go home.

We could not find a way in, in Leuven but we could find a way out.

We dropped the car off at Avis and planned to have a bit of a wander and something to eat.

As we turned left onto the pedestrianised area the street was full of people with placards and inflated inflatable dolphins.

Freaky Friday…far out man…

It was the remnants of a larger protest on the 28th.  People going home.

We walked up to the ornate square. The mobile phone’ rang and there was no job. The whole idea of moving to Belgium fell off the face of the earth.

Then in a matter of hours we were back home in Blighty next to R.

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