No Light – Laser Dream 18-11-2022

This dream is a little odd given the context of my current existence. Though I have in the past worked with various excimer lasers.

I am in a laboratory setting. Various people are thinking about running laser beams around the room. They are talking about using molecular fluorine excimer or argon fluoride excimer lasers. They are confident that they can do this. I explain to them that the emission wavelengths of 157 nm and 193 nm will get absorbed by the air.

They are adamant that this is not the case.

I say that the beam path should be encased in tubing and be at least partially evacuated in order for some light to get through on their long intended beam path.

They insist that this will not be needed. I reiterate that for molecular fluorine emission air will not let the light travel far.

They again are adamant.

In the dream I know that this is a metaphor showing that light cannot penetrate the minds of those unwilling to listen.

Dream ends…

On writing this I note that the two wavelengths each add up to 13, the jewel of death of the old, which reduces in its negative manifestation to minus 4, inertia and death by inertia.

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