Glowing Skeleton – Third Universe Dream 17-11-2012

Against a dark backdrop I see an image of myself as I physically am. I am superimposed upon a glowing skeleton which has bright pink, fluorescent blood vessels. It is living. The two images pulse back and forth in precedence of view multiple times. I hear the Vedic, “I am become death the destroyer of worlds.”

In the dream I wonder if this is a harbinger of my own death. It is not it is of symbolic value.

Next, I am at a British Forces Veterans club. As we go in the door by poppies and balsa wood crosses there are a selection of old photos. One of them catches my eye, it has a striking resemblance to my father {He was lieutenant acting captain REME during the Malayan insurgency.} I ask if I may take the photos to look through. I do this and thumb through them several times. I can no longer see the photos.

In the same club there is a bunch of old women. They start talking about Watchtower magazine and mention numerology. The numerology of 5 & 9. I ask what she means by 9. It is aunty Vi {one of my father’s aunts}. Before she has time to answer I move off. One of the young men comes after me and says that aunty Vi was starting to perk up and to please come back and speak some more about numerology. I say to her that 9 means completion and that 5 is her number as a Westerly Stalker.

She is now standing by me as she was as a young woman with bright orange and pink hair.

I know that this world is an intermediate world between life and death.

I am now flying over a flooded countryside. There are two boys stranded on a car. They swim across to a camper van and scramble up onto it. The flowing water takes them over the edge of a waterfall. I see that they are going to land safely because a little winged fairy / sprite suddenly whizzes in front of them. They are followed over the waterfall by seven beautiful horses who are riding the sky.

I am back at home now and in my bedroom. My attention is drawn through the window to a nest. In the nest is a single crow. Through the mind link it says it has taken up residence for the duration.

Downstairs I bump into my niece. She starts to wrestle with me. She thinks that she has me pinned. I am much stronger than her and slowly break her grip. I pick her up and ask her if she would like my help.

I am then shown three worlds / globes in space. Written upon them in a flowing dripping pink lettering are:

The world of the starving spirits.

The world of the hungry ghosts.

The world of the in between.

I then “know” in the dream that this current universe is the third manifested universe. And that to understand the full nature of bardo and karma I will need to expand my consciousness so that it can stretch backwards to times of previous universal manifestation. This will ultimately be a part of my training….

Dream ends

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