A Lovely Autumnal Soaking

The weather forecasting here can be a bit hit or miss. In autumn the default prediction is scattered showers.

This morning we were due, yes you have guessed it, scattered showers. But the sky was blue and the sun was shining. For the first time since February, I had to wear a light fleece over my T-Shirt. I had a play with my leaf blower and collected the leaves around the house and put them in the trailer. Then I did the lawn where the maples and blossom tree are. I had a nice big pile I estimated 7-8 paniers of wet leaves.

I got busy kneeling on the wet grass with my hands in the red and ochre leaves, filling paniers. It was a full earth and autumn immersion experience. The full paniers were quite heavy.

Then it started raining. I had about 4 paniers to go. I was really enjoying it. My hair was getting wet, water was running in my eyes. To add to the earth, there was water too!

I have missed getting a good drenching. It has always been something I enjoy, especially when close to home. The ambient temperature was about 12˚C and the rain was somehow warmer. My gardening gloves were wet through and getting slippery. The paniers of wet leaves were getting heavier.

I finished and the lawn looks better…I will put the clothes in front of the log burner presently.

I used to enjoy going up on Kinder Scout or walking in Snowdonia in the rain. The feeling of dampness and being soaked to the skin, at suitable times of the year, brings with it such a sense of vitality and life.

I don’t understand why people wrinkle up their faces in the rain. Does it help them in some way?

Best to enjoy it…

This morning I had a lovely autumnal soaking.

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