A Healthcare Time Bomb?

This from Reuters:

“Adolescents assigned female at birth initiate transgender care 2.5 to 7.1 times more frequently than those assigned male at birth, according to the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), a 4,000-member organization of medical, legal, academic and other professionals. Several clinics in the United States told Reuters that among their patients, the ratio was nearly 2-to-1, and similar phenomena have been documented in Europe, Canada and Australia.”

At the moment humanity is doing an experiment with people’s lives. People are chemically altered with hormones and surgically altered with knives. There is a sense of fashion to it and peer pressure may be an element. Freedom of expression unfavourable or contra to transgender dogma is increasingly taboo. 

I have no problem with people dressing and acting how they like, knives though?

Nobody knows what the long term effects of “gender” hormone therapy will be. Yet people are dishing this out like smarties. People are getting “top” surgery at a very young age.

I wonder which is more important the Hippocratic oath, peer pressure or the dollar?

Esoterically it is you the reincarnating jiva which selects the vehicle into which you incarnate. To slice off mammary glands or penises is self-harm. To act in relationship as a “female” or a “male” does not require the changing of equipment. To act fluidly changing roles as and when, is fine.

Homosexuals often have one more butch than the other, and so do heterosexuals and this is not necessarily the possessor of a penis.

Some schools of thought suggest that a bisexuality will be a feature of the sixth root race, whereas the seventh will be hermaphroditic. This bisexuality is about relationship and not appendage. To me this is about fluidity in relationship, not sex, nor pieces of meat however shaped.

People rush into things without thinking them through. You may scar your meat; you cannot change your chromosomes.

I predict a wave of medical problems associated with the misuse of “gender” related hormone “therapy” in the decades to come. There will be pathologies unforeseen.

People were not overly fond of Josef Mengele yet nowadays some are allowed to experiment on teenagers…

Strange times in which we live, this our brave new world.

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