Looking Back at the Journals 2010-11

It is raining heavily here, too heavily to do any gardening, so I have been looking back.

In 2010 I had three face to face interviews for jobs, one as a HoD for a UK Chemistry Department, one for a CVD diamond manufacturer and the other working on developing satellite based LIDAR instrumentation.

None of them worked out in the long term.

I had the interview for the latter post in the summer and then heard nothing. The whole set up was a bit weird and the interview very short considering the scope.

Towards the end of the year, we were moving house. We had spent the year here in the middle of the Hampton Estate. To the right you can see traces of “Nottingham” from where they had filmed Robin Hood.

Just as were getting ready to move we had a big dump of snow. This meant that the removal men did not want to come out. The second day I manged to get to our destination in an old 206 and the removal guys came to fetch us when I told them. {machismo?}They were city boys and the boss had brought his big 4X4 as well as the lorry. He was freaked out by some of the noises in the wood.

We moved house in late November and when we arrived, I had a missed call from Holland. This was months after the interview! Weird.

If you understand how few calls I get, a missed call itself is pretty unusual.

It turns out they were offering me a job with a tax free monthly salary in excess of €8000, tax free petrol, kudos and diplomatic number plates. They also sent me a CD with 350 megabytes of rules and regulations much of which focussed on rules about corruption, not giving contracts to mates or accepting any gifts.

There were a whole bunch of other perks as well. The ex-wife saw dollar signs…

Given that money was tight it seemed remarkable.

I read the rules and accepted the job and started to learn about satellite technology.

We arranged a visit to look at housing. We saw far too many houses / flats. There were a number of warning dreaming symbols that day, light bulbs exploding, doors not opening, police sirens. We wanted to see one house, where some top brass had lived, only to be told, just as we were about to visit it that it was no longer available.

This would have been a way back into the mainstream.

Then I had a dream saying in no uncertain terms that I should get off that road. So, I extricated myself from the contract and various people were livid with me. It was tricky and I wonder if they “told” on me to my former employer.

Then I had dream after dream after dream about messes not of my own making. People had made huge errors, cock ups and mistakes. I had an awful lot of attack dreams and anger projection dreams, dreams of dodgy dealing and manipulation by people known to me.

I started doing 1:1 “A” level tutorials and it seemed that the universe was happy for me to do this.

My take on this is that I renounced the pecuniary temptation offered me. I would have been heavily bound to that job and back on the crazy-horse merry-go-round hamster wheel.

The house we moved to was once a farmworkers cottage and is less isolated. I did not need to be quite so far from human beings anymore…

Then I had all those Triskélion related dreams.

I have a good notion about what they mean. The implications are that many had the entire wrong end of the stick about me and for well over a decade too!!

But people are such experts, they always know best…

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