Three Logical but Unwelcome Climate Change Solutions

When it comes to climate change people are unwilling to accept the bleeding obvious.

Back in the eighties and nineties I was a vegan. The logical argument for veganism is that it cuts the production of non-human methane {veganism causes enhanced flatulence} and increases the overall conversion efficiency of solar photons to food by removing the inefficient animal { << 10%} in between photon and human. Dairy is a methane producer par excellence. I used to soapbox a lot about how veganism was / is a part of the solution to global warming. The facts remain the same.

People like steak, chicken, butter, and yoghurt.

You can live without these or accept a much lower proportion in the diet.

The growth of human population needs to stop and a decrease in population would reduce consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases.

People like shagging and some want to have children to look after them in their dotage.

The planet may yet stage a mass dis-incarnation event.

We need to reduce our demand for material possessions and rewrite the economic growth paradigm. There is no need for most of the stuff which we consume. The “greed is good” mantra needs to go. We do not need to send rockets to Mars. Nor do we need copious selfies stored on Watt hungry servers. We do not need foreign holidays. It is impossible to sustain growth on a planet of finite resource. It is obvious, bleeding obvious.

People are addicted to materialistic acquisitional personality obsessed hedonism.

The climate change “loonies” who advocate veganism are logically bang on the money.

We can’t have our cake and eat it…

One day we might shift from gimme more, to enough is enough. Our locust like over consumption is killing the planet.

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