The 2025 Council Meeting

According to the Tibetan the council of the planetary hierarchy are due to “meet” next in 2025 to decide on the next steps to be taken, both in terms of the externalisation and what influxes humanity may or may not need.

When the Tibetan was “writing” after the war there was a great deal of optimism and indeed in terms of mass education humanity has come a long way since then. There have also been retrograde steps. {In my own opinion this obsession with image and mendacious PR blurbs is very retrograde. People are self-harming with tattoos and unwarranted plastic surgery interventions. The obsession with the form side of life has deepened and this obsession has a vice like grip. The obsession with sex and sex-toys is counter evolutionary.} Humanity remains bellicose and punitive.

If you were the planetary hierarchy together with the planetary logos, what would you think humanity might need?

I would think that humanity needs to be severely shaken by the shoulders and slapped about the face so that it wakes up to reality and stops squabbling and being so darned petty, arguing the toss about trivia.

According to the Tibetan there are already numerous initiates incarnate and it is through the likes of these that the council might have physical plane eyes.

The timescales of the hierarchy differ and are of much longer term, the vision is centennial plus.

What do think the hierarchy should decide upon when it meets?

What energies might it unleash…

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