Surplus to Requirements

What do all these have in common?

An ashtray on a motorbike.

An inflatable dart board.

A concrete parachute.

A Rastafarian reggae band at a Klan rally.

Pedals on a wheelchair.

Anne Frank’s drum kit.  

I have been contemplating that I am pretty much surplus to requirements. There is no need or use for me. I am pretty much unemployable. About the only thing I could do is tutor school level science or English conversation. I can speak reasonably close to the received pronunciation and my vocabulary is extensive. I have no referees with any recent experience of me.

I suspect that my lifetime earnings for someone with my qualifications and experience would fall in the lowest 5 per cent. Most of my peers would have earned a million more than I.

Today the osteo asked when I was in Bern. I said ’93 and it occurred to me he was only 11 back then.

The reason this chain of thought popped in was that our carte de séjour expires in 2024. They may then raise the income threshold and if we fail to meet it, we might have to make a special case to stay or otherwise leave. This means I might need to think more closely about other revenue streams.


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