Private Tutoring in France

Just been doing some market research.

The first thing to say is that private tutoring in France does not seem so well embedded as in the UK.

But if you employ a tutor and they are on the correct government tax scheme you can get 50% of the money you pay them added to your tax free allowance. This is an ace scheme and one of the smart ways of thinking which can be found here. So, a €40 fee only costs you €20.

In the UK people are charging £50 per hour upwards for physics at “A” level. One geezer was asking £120!!!

£50 seems the rough average base fee, with a pocket of more experienced tutors around the £60-70 mark.

I could probably do online from France.

As an aside the exam papers for the French Baccalaureate make “A” level look a tad trivial in comparison.

There is one woman near here who offers English and Nuclear Physics…in rural Brittany.

English lessons per hour are at ~ €20…Physics and Chemistry ~ €30.

You don’t appear to have to do a DBS “Jimmy Savile” test here…

There is École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie up at Lannion and someone might want some scientific {physics and optics} English.

In the UK the market for tutors was good January – June. Exam fear and pushy / supportive parents wanting junior to get into university…

So, at first pass there is a way. No point in starting until the new year though.


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