Eigenoptics and Berlin

In 2017 I formed a “vehicle” company called Eigenoptics. The idea was to put several patent ideas to paper and then try to commercialise. There was a Photonics specific venture capital event in Berlin to which I blagged myself an invite. They were very welcoming.

I had set up metings with the Berlin business development office.

They were slick, on the ball and very encouraging. They sent me great swathes of information in English…very helpful…very efficient…

I was all set to go…

Back in blighty the gatekeepers at a few university based innovation hubs, said that I had to write a short pitch for them to consider in competition before I could get access to Mount Olympus.

I offered to speak whilst at a local entrepreneurship event. They did not take me up, even though I had been part of a big series A fund raise….Cocks and urinals anyone?


Chalk and Cheese.

I found out that keyman insurance for someone who had a colon cancer removed only two years ago, was prohibitively expensive. So I jacked the idea, cancelled my tickets and reservations and binned the company. There was a massive showstopper. I waited a couple of years and came over here to write the patent application…

Key man insurance is a factor of ten lower in price now.

Then I bust my hip and along came SARS – CoV – 2

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