Surveillance Vagaries Dream 13-11-22

Here is a dream from this morning. It was very vivid.

I am in a building on the edge of a city square in Europe. It is reminiscent of many different countries. There is a fountain. There are benches and there are large black bronze statues on large stone bases. The themes are military, horses and soldiers. Not all these bases have statues on.

Sat on one of these empty bases is a tall man with fair hair. He is dressed expensively with high quality shoes, maroon trousers, a white cricket jumper and a fawn long overcoat. He has a tie which signifies membership of some club or other. He is wearing a Panama hat and has a pair of spectacles on. He is very reminiscent of Michael Gambon. He is pretending to read a broad sheet newspaper but keeps glancing in my direction from time to time.

I know that I am under surveillance and that he is only one of a team charged with this.

I decide to go and speak with him.

I leave my apartment and cross the square to where he is sitting. I go up to him.

I say, “hello. You have been there rather a long time. I am under surveillance by you, aren’t I?”

He replies with an impeccable English accent and gravelly voice, also reminiscent of Gambon.

“But of course you are, old chap. You have a complete set of vagaries now. You do know that the money is there if you want to sell them.  A very decent sum has been set aside.”

In the dream it feels that he is referring to some physical plane artefacts and that I have a collection thereof.

I say, “I think you may be mistaken…I have no such collection.”

He says, “don’t worry the money will always be there.”

I wake up

When I get downstairs, I put “vagaries” into the computer. Aside from the meaning inherent in “the vagaries of life”, random stuff which happens. There is a more archaic meaning referring to wandering travels.

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