Partial Insomnia

Over the last few weeks or so I am back to the partial insomnia. I have no trouble getting off to sleep. I get up around midnight for a bowl of cereal and then go straight back to sleep. Then around 3AM {eternal} I am wide awake. I drift in and out till around 6.

KLF is gonna rock ya ’cause you have to
Move to the flow of the P.D. Blaster
Bass ballistics, I’m gonna kick this hard
And you can catch it
Down with the crew-crew, talking ’bout the Mu Mu
Justified Ancient Liberation Zulu
Got to teach and everything you learn
Will point to the fact that time is eternal

It’s 3 A.M., 3 A.M.
It’s 3 A.M. Eternal (eternal)

This morning I used the time to build the thought forms back from 2008 onwards. They are still fairly intact and easy to assimilate.

A couple of years back I quit smoking and as a consequence slept longer and better. It is not surprising really take away a stimulant-more sleep. The only thing I miss from smoking is the night sky. I used to go outside to smoke and I loved the night sky. In particular I had a long relationship with the plough constellation or the question mark as I refer to it.

My favourite time of day has always been in and around dawn.

As a Ph.D. student I worked in a night club that finished an 3:30 AM. We would tidy up and I would get the night bus home in my black and whites.  While mostly dark I would walk past a dairy and bid good morning to the milkmen getting ready to deliver. The creature of the night economy saying hello to those of the dawn. By 10 AM and having had a snooze and a shower I was back at the Royal Institution for coffee.

There were also a lot of house parties. I would crash and walk home at dawn across London.

I am wondering if the hiatus in medical appointments and the lessening of myeloma related tensions is making me revert to my natural timings. This last year has been a whirlwind…

When we first arrived here, I would sometimes get up and chant in the middle of the night. It is a big house. Back then I was working with AUM or A-U-M. In triangulation I built a 3-dimensional ॐ in the dining room that rotated in time to the chanting. It is still “there”.

The early hours of the morning are before space is cluttered by the emotions and the “thoughts” of local humanity. There is no distortion in the “airwaves”. The mental space is untroubled by those asleep.

I think of this as the time of the South-East. Where night is in that act of handing over to dawn.

I am not worried by the “insomnia”. I got to look out the back door at the clear sky. I even saw the question mark in the clear sky…this morning…

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