Just Saved €250…

This afternoon I have finished doing the mowing. There may be one more mow left before Christmas. Then we should be good until April. It has been mild so I reckon we may have a December mow.

With my bi-lateral oseto-arthritis this mowing is painful. I have fear since my hip break so I tend to be overly tense. The operation manual of the sit on mower says not to horizontally traverse a gradient of >10˚. We have sloping lawns past this figure. The mower has 250kg of mass. I am 95kg. Because of the meat in my chest and shoulders my centre of mass is well above my pelvis. Thus, when there is a gradient, I have to lean into the gradient to limit any gravity induced torque.

We were recently quoted €250 per complete mow. That is about €3250 a year. So, the per annum grass cutting is >1.5 times our joint monthly pension. We would need to invest just shy of two months income for someone else to cut the grass for a year.

€250 is slightly less than our weekly supermarket spend…

This is the yes / no decision axis for selling / keeping the house. This could work in the short term; in the longer term it is not tenable.

I will get increasingly decrepit…

The bulk of the early Autumn clearance is now complete. Soon there will be some strimmer frenzy.

I am feeling a slight pressure to begin the wood harvest early…I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK.

I could even get a checked shirt…

Strange how things turn out, in 2000 I had a “paper” share wealth valuation of £2 million, now €250 seems a significant figure…

Life is weird, shit happens and then you die…

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