Boris Johnson and Secretary of State Education Dream 10-11-22

Here is one of this morning’s dreams based in London. The second dream is based in rural Brittany where the wife and I meet a Welsh couple who have lived here a long time. They show us around their farm and sea food farm. They have guests and from time to time speak in Welsh. That is consistent with current circumstance. The London dream is bizarre.

I am on the top of a large educational building in West / Southwest London. It is my old university. I am there with Boris Johnson alone. {As an aside he is in Chinese astrology a wood dragon just like me}. We are playfighting and the atmosphere is jocular. He is pretending to hit me and I block him every time. I say to him that because he has been to private school, he must understand wedgies. I challenge him to a wedgie fight.

We manoeuvre and look for the best wedgie hold. He is close to a guard rail at the side of the building. I get a good grip and lift him over the guard rail which is about chest height. He starts to get a little scared. He holds my arms and with one pull he is back safe my side of the guard rail.

He dusts himself down and the jocular spirit returns.

I leave Boris on the roof and make my way down through the building into some laboratory space. There are young people doing science and one of them asks me my opinion on something. I ask him what the half life is and I say wait at least four half-lives so that the concentration is low.

I am leaving and working my way down the building. I have to explain to many people that I am no longer there. I have not been there for a long time and that I do not have a job. They find this hard to believe.

In a foyer area a professor known to me says that he wants me to meet the secretary of state for education. He has been talking with her about me. She comes over and the professor introduces me. She asks me what I want. I say nothing I am not in the job anymore. She turns to the professor and says that she thinks that I do not trust him. I explain that I am being straight and do not even live in the country anymore.

Dream ends.

When I get up, I look up who is secretary of state for education and the woman in my dream looks just like the current incumbent…weird. I had no prior idea who was in that role.

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