Reviewing 2009 and before.

In 2007 I had a mass burn of all my journals 1999-2007. It was an act of ritual cleansing.

At the time I thought that I was facing the fourth natural enemy, old age. I needed to make the 90˚ shift.

Reviewing early 2008 I had several dreams pertaining to Breton landscapes and a big house being separated into flats as this one once was. One could say that these were “tasters” of what was to come or simply coincidental.

The previous post is a mystical representation of a vision that I had around 2003 and which also seems to have been something of a taster for the events of 2009.

It was only after I saw dawn on Mount Sinai that I began having visions of myself as a Buddhist monk with om mane padme hum tattooed on my arm in Sanskrit. Something was released that night on the mountain. Imagine walking down Upper Tulse Hill Road being aware of a reality as a Buddhist monk and all the while preparing to teach Chemical Kinetics in an hour or so. To hold two “worlds” and still do a decent job of giving a lecture was a feat of some control.

Life in 2009 was tumultuous. We could say that the fourth ray of harmony through conflict was very active.

On 26-04-09 I had that meditation published here.

I was “told” that I chose to incarnate without any memory of my previous lives.

On 17th of September and 15th of October 2009 I had extremely powerful “meditations” which lasted on and off over several days. In Toltec terms they were very far into what is called left side awareness. Many of the sensations and visions were unpleasant, terrifying and difficult to bear. The content diverged from what is in the blue books but had some similarity with La Très Sainte Trinosophie.

The effects ran over into a social engagement in September and I was really struggling, with all those people around.

There is absolutely no way I could have handled these experiences if I was still trying to do my old job as a university lecturer.

Rereading my notes brought back the visuals and some remembrance of the intense sensations.

One possible interpretation is that I quit my job because at one level I knew I was going to have these experiences and that I could not be in the city and around people at the time.  

After these experiences I needed to be pretty much alone. I was kind of “radioactive”.

I can feel some kind of further assimilation happening by re-reading. I must not rush it.

I probably need to have a break from this recapitulation now.

It is a good job the grass needs cutting….  

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