The Tibetan – Djwhal Khul – Dream 16 – 06 – 2008.

We are in a mountain village – a sort of base camp. We have just been up Everest and look back at its snow covered peak. We walk around the village and go to see the Tibetan. He welcomes us and we spend some time with him. He has five golden circles in a row interlinked with him. He gives us these five golden rings.

We wander back in the village to our flat which is there. We comment that it has gotten a bit touristy. We show others the mountain.

Someone is coming to see us. We go down onto the river and are in a modern pedalo style boat with a motor. The authorities know that this person is coming. I must ensure that the Tibetan has his head set so that he can communicate with whoever is coming.

Dream ends


Gold is the dreaming symbol for the spirit or Nagal

Ring is the symbol for power or circle the symbol for inclusiveness and unity

Five is the freedom and change {need for}



Djwal Khul (variously spelled ‘Djwhal Khul’, ‘Djwal Kul’, the ‘Master D.K.’, ‘D.K.’, or simply ‘DK’), is believed by some Theosophists and others to be a Tibetan disciple in “The Ageless Wisdom” esoteric tradition. The texts describe him as a member of the ‘Spiritual Hierarchy’, or ‘Brotherhood’, of Mahatmas, one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, defined as the spiritual guides of mankind and teachers of ancient cosmological, metaphysical, and esoteric principles that form the origin of all the world’s great philosophies, mythologies and spiritual traditions. According to Theosophical writings, Djwal Khul is said to work on furthering the spiritual evolution of our planet through the teachings offered in the 24 books by Alice Bailey of Esoteric Teachings published by The Lucis Trust (then named the Lucifer Publishing Company); he is said to have telepathically transmitted the teachings to Bailey and is thus regarded by her followers as the communications director of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom.”

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