Jesus Dream 19-5-2008

I am in a room which is connected to another room. They are both kind of white and ephemeral. There is a sense of sanctity. I open the door into the second room. I must be quiet. At the far end of the room there is a shimmering that starts to materialise into a form. That form is Jesus. The form is masculine and has some of the feeling of NMJ about it. It is Jesus and I can see him.

He comes towards me and steps into my room. He is now very frail almost like a small white haired boy. He is in a sense very familiar to me. He says that he too is looking for his “Father”.

Lots of full grown men turn up in “top hat and tails” formal dress. They are very noisy. There is a table in the room. I sit down and Jesus sits on my lap. The others are helping themselves to canapés.

The boy and I are very simply dressed wearing pyjamas. He says that he wants to suck my thumb. I mention that it isn’t clean. He puts it in his mouth and sucks it in any case.

Dream ends…

The overall feel of this dream is all about me nurturing and caring for. It felt very special and warm inside. It is perhaps about nurturing an inner aspect of me.

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