Offering Alternate Hypotheses

I like to offer alternate hypotheses to people from time to time. It has been my experience that people will “take” the hypothesis which most closely matches their prejudices and maps onto their confirmation bias.

For example, if I was making a complaint say to a former employer and I offered “you could if you wish think of me as a disgruntled former employee”. People would be very likely to pounce on this hypothesis so as to discount and down value any complaint that I was making. If I said that I could get an Asperger’s diagnosis and then suggested that my words therefore are more likely to be true than someone trying to protect a reputation. Who would you believe, your famous pal or the person with a personality disorder?

I like this kind of question.

I have joked about delusion and insanity in this blog. I have offered the notion that I am a burn-out. I am far more comfortable discussing madness and illusion than many who imagine themselves sane and upstanding.

Over the last few days, I have outlined one meditation from 2009 which was a verbatim account from my journals. I did indeed write that in my journal. There are two simple ways of looking at this. One it was brain memory of a genuine subjective initiation process. Two it was a complex thought form built by my highly visual mind having taken various elements from the blue books opus.

There is no way you could prove which from wherever you are reading this.

I will just interject that I used to teach group theory and molecular symmetry which can have very image focused ways of working. Some do it mathematically I do it by visuals.

If indeed I have taken the Third initiation, then treating me poorly has wide and long lasting karmic implications.

If I am simply a burn-out who does a lot gardening and too much reading, the karmic implications are of a much more local scale.

Here is an interesting question.

If you were offered two hypotheses concerning a situation. Would you take the one which was the most convenient for you at least at first pass?

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