26 Paniers and the Sisyphus Wagon

This afternoon I took the Sisyphus wagon up to the green waste tip, to empty out the last of the pond work. I am on “bonjour” terms with some of the other old geezer punters. The car is of 2005 vintage I think and has 150,000 km on the clock. Because it is old school diesel it makes a deep throaty grumble.

The remorque or trailer is of a minimalist design yet somehow has Tardis like qualities. When empty it sure does rattle and is something of a head turner.

This afternoon I have been collecting leaves from the Maples. We are now up to 26 X 40 litre paniers of highly compressed leaves. I am guessing two more “harvests”.

No sooner do you empty the Sisyphus wagon, than it gets filled again….

When we first got here, the 207 had not been imported yet. So, we used to drive the shed everywhere. I went up to some big meeting at Photonics Bretagne and met some commercial dudes. I was not very well and decided not to stay for the socialising lunch {death by canape}. I was dressed in my £800 leather jacket with smart clothes.  When the young commercial guy saw and heard me leave in the shed it was for him a non sequitur.

You can drive forever on one tank of diesel…and with a 1500cc injection engine it has surprising acceleration when not loaded…

As you can see the grass now needs cutting. We are due sun on Wednesday…

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