Two Herons, the Cormorant, Davinia Bowie and Felix

Seems like Felix does not need Viagra anymore. For the first time ever, we saw him spraying a bush in daylight, like a proper dude cat. This has perhaps been brought about by Ziggy or Davinia Bowie. He lets her eat and does not attack. Perhaps he is now marking his territory because he wants to cop off. The white duke (duchess) seems to be resident also now.

Yesterday there was the cormorant and today the heron. There are two herons. One is more scaredy cat than the other. Today it was the slim heron in the pond and in Le Jaudy, the wife got to see “her (?)” take a fish from the pond. The other larger heron will not let you watch it. “He (?)” was here first.

They have taken to strutting about on the lawns and I have seen them together several times now.

They seem less and less concerned with us.

Yesterday there was owl sound late afternoon…

If things go like before, as the nights and winter draw in, there will be more animals.

There is fox sign too…

I am thinking about getting an infrared camera trap…

That reminds me is Autumn Watch on the BBC soon / now…?

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