Getting Your Priorities Right – Rugby VPN

Given the way subscription and streaming services are going, before long one will need a thousand different subscriptions.

This morning I re-started my Amazon UK prime service in order to watch the rugby Wales v New Zealand. But because I have French I.P. address, no joy.

Half an hour later and with a newly installed VPN I have a London I.P. and could see live from Scotland with the dulcet tones of Andrew Cotter.

All being well and with an HDMI cable we are good to go.

I have back ache from my visit to the Osteo yesterday, he loosened up my hips and lower spine. But I was gripping on too tight to the table.  I was not sure how today was going to pan out…

It is obvious now…

After the autumn internationals I will probably drop the VPN…we shall see what else we can do with it.

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