Reality – Did That Actually Happen?

I doubt that many people from my past, my South Kensington past, my meeting with Nikon executives in Tokyo past, my £5 million series A start-up funds past, would imagine that I would apply for a simple job on Tristan da Cunha…

“Tristan da Cunha (/ˌtrɪstən də ˈkuːn(j)ə/), colloquially Tristan, is a remote group of volcanic islands in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world, lying approximately 2,787 kilometres (1,732 mi) from Cape Town in South Africa, 2,437 kilometres (1,514 mi) from Saint Helena and 4,002 kilometres (2,487 mi) from the Falkland Islands.

The territory consists of the inhabited island, Tristan da Cunha, which has a diameter of roughly 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) and an area of 98 square kilometres (38 sq mi); the wildlife reserves of Gough Island and Inaccessible Island; and the smaller, uninhabited Nightingale Islands. As of October 2018, the main island has 250 permanent inhabitants, who all carry British Overseas Territories citizenship. The other islands are uninhabited, except for the South African personnel of a weather station on Gough Island.

Tristan da Cunha is a British Overseas Territory with its own constitution. There is no airstrip on the main island; the only way of travelling in and out of Tristan is by boat, a six-day trip from South Africa.”

But I did and that speaks volumes. Really, did that actually happen? A high technology Imperial College laser dude resorting to that. I was good to go…

I did in all faith make that application.

What does that say about how well I have been treated and accepted in blighty?

Edinburgh of the Seven Seas was perhaps calling….

Far out man…

When you have the “plague” people want to keep their distance…in case they get infected…

Their bargepoles might not be long enough..

So maybe I shoud foxtrot oscar for the common good…

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