Irises Rushes Wind and Rain

Outside the wind is picking up and Ventusky says we are due ~25mm of rain overnight and into tomorrow morning. I am about 85% done with the pond clearance and because the water levels have been low due to the drought, I have been able to pig-pen by kneeling on the iris and reed beds. I did not find any abandoned babies in the reeds.

The irises are starting to shoot already! There are several very confused plants in the garden, including one rhododendron and two very confused white flowering bushes.

If there is an hour window in the rain, I may get the last of the irises done tomorrow. This year we had a bumper crop. As you can see from the photos elsewhere on the blog we get dragon flies, damsel flies and butterflies. There are still a few dragonflies around in November! It really is worth the effort and when finished it won’t need doing for another year. We will get to see the pond transform from stark and bare, to vibrant and colourful. The calla lilies will be first. So far, the pampas grass has withstood the winds.

In one part of the pond there are three trees in which one of the big branches have split. They are leaved and swaying heavily. It is possible one might be down overnight. Which will mean firewood patrol.

If the predicted rainfall lands on Menez Bre the level in Le Jaudy will rise sharply and we might get close to a bank breach. This will clear out the oak leaves and leave a tide mark in the conker leaves. It may not come to that, usually it takes several days of continuous rain, but 25mm in a few hours is quite a bit.


In the Dictionary


MENEZ & en vannetais g. -ioù (& -ier) mont, montagne (& Montagne, soit koumene breton).

BRE (h-br.) g. incantation, l. -où magie, breoù (loc. (la) goutte).

BRE g. (nl) mont, mont war vre (war grec’h).


So Menez Bre is magic mountain or mountain mount.

I like magic mountain best and it is consistent with the role in exorcisms….

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