Ministry of Truth and Dumbed Down Political Mantra

“Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!”

It is sad that modern day politicians have learned to ape Hitler and Goebbels with their dumbed down quaisi hypnotic mantra. Save the NHS. Get Brexit Done. Make America Great Again. Don’t they see what they are doing? Don’t they care? Don’t they realise this is the thin end of the wedge?

I know let’s have huge worshipful rallies…with MAGA baseball caps. Badges? Emblems? Flags? Posters?

This is the wrong use of ceremonial magic or order. Hitler the black magician knew exactly what he was doing.

Apparently, people were doing fascist salutes in Italy yesterday.

The Orwellian prediction of the post truth and hyper spin epoch, where things are polarised by mantra is stark. Now people are redacting the past, removing statues of slave owners and allowing people with penises to use women’s changing rooms. {One dare not argue against this.} They refuse to answer questions in prime minister’s question time and television interviews. They withhold statistics and data from mini-budgets. They write lies on the side of big red buses. They send out their underlings to squirm defending the indefensible.

They may expect us to blackwhite what we are told. {To accept whatever one is told, regardless of the facts. In the novel, it is described as “…to say that black is white when [the Party says so]” and “…to believe that black is white, and more, to know that black is white, and to forget that one has ever believed the contrary”.}

They even make a voyeuristic programme called the big brother house. There are dating shows where one can see a full frontal fanny or a cock before deciding to date. Never in human history has there been so much surveillance of populace. It is much reduced here out in the sticks in France when compared to genteel Surrey and Hampshire.

Are we getting via artificial intelligence towards facecrime — A facial expression which reveals that one has committed thoughtcrime?

My computer keeps asking me if I want to use facial recognition to log on.

At the moment there is a propaganda war going on in parallel with a killing war, so we are told.

The British newspapers say things like “a terrible blow for Putin” and “mad Vlad”. I don’t see it reported so stupidly here. I read Reuters and it seems much more measured than the ridiculous reporting in some UK papers.

Thanks to NSA and GCHQ we are close to telescreen — A two-way television set with which the Party spy upon Oceania’s population.

We all did some zoom, teams, Skype, etc. during the pandemic. We have two way screens in our pockets and on our desks. For some these are quasi-umbilical.

Politicians break the law and then claim that they did not. They argue they are malquoted — Inaccurate representations of the words of Big Brother and of the Party.

 Why do people wriggle and squirm to avoid answering simple questions?

Are we all hypnotised by Minitrue — The Ministry of Truth, who manufacture consent by way of lies, propaganda, and distorted historical records, while supplying the proles (proletariat) with synthetic culture and entertainment?

Thank God for “Strictly Come Dancing” I say…

Orwell was sadly visionary…

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