Post-Apocalyptic Dream and the Leadership Herring

This morning I had an extensive post-apocalyptic dream. I have not had one of these for a long time. There was a period when they were frequent. In these dreams there is little colour, more grayscale. My uncle who was chief petty officer communications on the Admiral’s aircraft carrier, had some black and white photos of Nagasaki, taken relatively soon after the bomb.

“It’s 8:15

And that’s the time that it’s always been

We got your message on the radio

Conditions normal, and you’re coming home

Enola Gay

Is mother proud of little boy today?

Ah-ha this kiss you give

It’s never ever gonna to fade away”


And here we are some 77 years later, contemplating once again that atomic fission might devastate instead of energising and warming.

20 odd years ago I looked in much detail at the notion of leadership. People had suggested to me that I had that quality. I came to the conclusion that this was a bit of a red herring for me. I cannot do sustainable and long-term leadership. My self-assessment is that I can indeed do leadership, but only for short periods of time and perhaps at moments of crisis. After that I cannot be bothered with all the social interactions and socio-political shenanigans needed amongst those jostling for power and position. I can’t brown nose or flatter. I just cannot be arsed with it.

In most of my post-apocalyptic dreams I end up leading and looking after people.

When they wanted to build an incinerator next to our village in Buckland, I turned up at the village meeting and offered my services as a “scientist”. Given my background I still had some kudos and credibility. I ended up writing a detailed paper to DEFRA in order to deter the local politicians from taking the waste management dollar.

It is possible that fate could again have some short lived leadership role for me locally. The nurses all know me, as does the pharmacy. They all know that I can organise. Even though my command of the lingo isn’t that great, I think that they know I am reliable. If there was a nuclear war, I would be the local “science expert”.

Strange to think what fate may yet have in store…

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