Having a day off…

We went to the GP doctor this morning and I showed her the PET scan “photos” as planned. I am still having reduced lung function post covid. So, she has written a letter for me to give the pneumologist. There is a big queue for non-urgent appointments, but we have a provisional appointment for January. I am already on the “books” so they will call if there is a cancellation. We briefly discussed surgery for my osteo-arthritic hips. People do not get it that there are just the two of us and there is no familial support or friends in this country.

I am not sure that I will ever have the surgery because what happens if you are on your own, they can’t discharge you if you don’t have someone to pop in. I would need a car to go shopping and how soon after an operation might one drive? NHS reckons ~ six weeks. They don’t do deliveries out here. I would lose a fair bit of weight. This is the kind of stuff people don’t readily think of, they assume family assistance. {There seems to be a closer knit family interaction here than in blighty.}

Anyway, we found spare parts for our 2005 vintage two stroke petrol strimmer at my favourite local farming store Espace Emeraude. Everything we have bought from there has been reliable and good value. These tiny metallic eyelets get quite a battering. The ones we bought fit nicely. Next time I am down there I’ll stockpile a few. The ultra-safety boots I bought are still going strong three years on and with very heavy usage.

I took the trailer full of trimmings from the pond up to the green waste tip. When it was uncompressed there was a lot of volume. I should be good to go to finish the pond over the weekend or so, if it does not rain too much.

The wife is cooking dinner tonight, it is one of the first few times since the high dose chemotherapy. She says she is enjoying doing “normal” things again.

I am having a day off to rest my aching bones and muscles…

We have no appointments for an entire week…yippee…

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