Rishi Sunak – Numerology

The first thing to say is that the numerology has a nice sense of symmetry to it. In particular the personality aspects of Rishi. There are a lot of nines there which mean he has experience of implementing “completion, the universal teacher, the big brother {in a good sense}, selflessness, broad-minded- ness and benevolence”.

It also speaks of the “sound” of Rishi as it is used to refer to the sages of old.

I will outline the positives only.

Rishi’s principal challenge is to express the 4. {Stability strength, dependability, sobriety, judiciousness, the executive, the natural ruler}. So, his new job allows him to face this challenge head-on when there are jitters and discord.

His third pinnacle is 2 from the power number 11.  {the unfoldment of destiny, the natural arbitrator, humility, understanding gentleness and strength of conviction} from {love of the limelight, the natural performer, the natural speaker, the visionary, intuitive and inspirational} He is a couple of years into this pinnacle. It should mature over the next few years.

His soul urge is 4 which is very nicely in line with his principal challenge this lifetime.

His personality number is 8 {Harmony, balance the conservative, the politician, the banker, the editor}

In the planes of expression he has no 4s. Therefore, to experience a 4 is his principal challenge and what his soul chose this life to do, to explore its urge.

His destiny number is 3. The negative aspects of which are chaos, lacking in completion, scattering of talents, the show off. {Does this sound like someone?} The positive aspects are mixed abundance, creativity, the collector, versatility, friendliness.

He has picked up a chalice with some poison in it at a difficult time to have the opportunity to work on the 4. {Mixed abundance}

Rishi the name and personal expression is the nine both soul and personality, this is a truly neat vehicle for him to work in.

The choice of parents {Sunak} on the Soul side is 4, which is in line with his soul urge.

The choice of parents on the personality side is an 8 which is in line with his overall personality.

{Good choice of vehicle Mr Sunak…}

His power number is 11 which is a power number {love of the limelight, the natural performer, the natural speaker, the visionary, intuitive and inspirational}. If he needs to, he can pull this out of the magical top hat.

In the planes of expression there are a few 1s. He “knows” from previous lives how to pioneer, go-get, the strategist, natural leader, fluid and tenacious.

All in all, from the numerology it looks like a good fit to his chosen life and where he finds himself now. He has bitten off a big challenge, but he appears to have the wherewithal to handle it.

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