Other People’s Karma

Even if you don’t believe in karma, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any. The more you discount karma as a notion the less likely you are to be aware of karma and the things you need to do. You might imagine that you are too important to have to right wrongs you have inflicted upon the world. Such things you might deem beneath you. You might imagine that things which are not criminal in the eyes of the law do not need karmic adjustment. Or you might flippantly say I’ll deal with that in the next life because I can’t be arsed to do it now. This is not wise.

This morning I had a dream which points directly to other people’s karma. I am “trapped” inside a point of view, a view of the world held by others. It is not my view of the world. There is karma which they need to work out pertaining to me and they simply are refusing to do anything about it, it is too embarrassing, too risky and they do not accept that there is a massive karmic adjustment needed. This karma keeps brining me back towards a thought form and a collection of people I have long since left.

There is nothing I can do about this situation and as has been suggested to me that I am not coming back, there is only the reminder of this lifetime in which to make amends. There will never be another opportunity. This karma will not be able to be worked off after this.

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