A Sigh of Relief, Body Aches and an Important Shift

It is with some relief that there is not going to be another boring Conservative party sampling of their blue rinse brigade. How much boredom can one political party bring into the news instead of getting on with the job in hand? A lot.

In the background Rees-Mogg is pushing through a bill to undo thousands of Euro-laws. So, the respite is temporary. The prospect of an unlevel playing field trade war with the EU is still on the cards. The self-diagnosed omniscient know best… let us throw the baby out with the bath water it is such a great idea. Years of progress trashed just because Nigel Farage had a cob on with Europe.

Does Rees-Mogg remind you of anyone?

I do believe that it is an important shift for British politics that we have our first brown prime minister and a Hindu to boot. Larry the cat has a new tenant at #10. I can say that I have vaguely similar views on reincarnation as the prime minister now.

From The Times of India:

Rishi Sunak, a ‘proud Hindu’, is new UK PM: 5 things to know

This appointment may broker a new approach to Anglo-Indian relationships.

Let us see how this pans out, Charterhouse and Winchester as opposed to Eton.

I have started clearing around the pond. This involves cutting back the irises and the reeds as well as the baby trees. It is hard work because it involves leaning over the water without falling in, being careful to preserve the new iris shoots and at full arm extension. I estimate that there are ten cubic meters of uncompressed irises and reeds. This equates to two weeks work and 4-5 trips up to the green waste tip. We did it last year and the display was fantastic, so it is worth it.

My lower back and hips are arthritic. I have been wielding my hand held scythe sat on my butt or kneeling. Pretty much every muscle in my upper body is now aching.

I will be more match-fit for the next sessions.

At least a modicum of sanity has prevailed in Westminster. Which makes this a rare and unusual day…

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